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It's easy and affordable to advertise here and reach thousands of site visitors.

Best of all, you don't have to know anything about the Internet.  We do all the coding and technical work.

But if you do use the Internet, all the better, because visitors to the site can reach you by via our secure email service.  You can also take advantage of our Web Forms capability to encourage customer enquiries.

You can contact us by using our enquiry form, by ordinary email, by phone on 020 7483 2681, or by post:
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We offer two levels of service to advertisers, and we're also quite willing to discuss any special requirements an advertiser might have.

Standard:  240 (plus VAT) for a full year  
Pages Banners Emails Forms Revisions Links
1 1 1 1 4 2
Weblet:  300 (plus VAT) for a full year  
Pages Banners Emails Forms Revisions Links
3 1 2 3 4 2

What It All Means

Pages:  A page on this site is one web page that, when printed on A4 paper, will fit on one or two sheets.  We'll create basic web pages for you as part of the deal.  You will see examples of these pages on the site.  You are also welcome to provide web pages to us, ready to run, or send us your logo, digital photos and so forth.  We have some minimal technical requirements for submitted materials.  If you are not a technical type, don't worry about this.  If you know a bit about how the web works, rest assured that we're happy to speak geek with you and your webmonkeys.

Banners:  A banner is a rectangular ad.  We will put your banner above your listing.  We'll make a banner for you at no charge or you can have one made and send it to us.  If you or your ad people prepare a banner you will want to know that our standard banner size is 620x40.  We recommend jpeg, gif and png file formats but if for any reason you use another format we can convert the file so everyone looking at the site can see it no matter what kind of computer they use.

Emails:  We help visitors who see your ad on the web contact you via email.  We protect your email address from common Internet dangers.  If you are concerned about the risks of having web-based email, get in touch and we'll explain what we offer.

Forms:  Your web pages can include forms.  Visitors fill out the forms and we send the completed forms to you via email.  You can see an example of this in our Free Listings section.

Revisions:  All our advertising arrangements include the option of replacing your web pages two to four times a year.  This lets your advertising reflect seasonal changes at no additional cost.

Links: listings can link to pages inside this site or to an independent web site.  An inside link will connect your banner ad or listing name to the web pages you have on our server.  An outside link will connect your banner ad or listing to a web page on another site.  It's your choice.  You might use an outside link if you have your own web site or if you want to link to an outside shopping site where you have an electronic storefront.

Contact us.

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